Colicci in Richmond Park is just inside Roehampton Gate and is where we meet for the majority of RPV rides.

There are some FAQ’s at the bottom of this page, so your enquiry may be covered there.

If not, we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to get in touch¬†fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


How do I sign up for events?

You can sign up to all of our events on our Meetup page. You can also find out the specifics of the event, such as route, ride leaders and who else is signed up.

How do I join the club?

You can sign up to be a full member of the club on our Membership page. You’ll just need to provide some information about yourself and pay the yearly fee of ¬£30.

What if I don’t know which group to ride with?

Please come to the Saturday “Meet the members” session. Here we’ll have a quick chat about how much riding you’ve done and do a couple of laps of th park. We’ll then suggest the right group for you.

Shall I arrive for a ride at the exact time stated on Meetup?

Yes, please! Your ride leader will want to introduce you to the other members you’ll be riding with and give the group a pre-ride brief before you set off so it’s imperative you arrive on time.

What should I bring with me on club rides?

You’ll need to bring 2 spare innertubes, tyre levers, a multitool, 2 waterbottles, snacks, money for the coffee stop and your mobile in case you get separated from the group.

Will I get left behind if I get a puncture or can’t keep up?

Absolutely not! We always wait for mechanicals and it is the responibility of the ride leader to set a pace that suits everyone. We will never leave you behind.

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