Weekly Rides

Saturdays 9:20am – Steady/Intermediate Ripley/Wisley loop – 30 miles – hosted by Richard, Keith and Gemmar. 

This is for prospective members to get an idea of how we do things and so that we can get an idea of their level. It’s also for Steadies and Intermediates who want to practice some group riding skills or try a higher level on an easy route and anyone else who fancies a shortish ride with a long cafe stop!

We split into groups according to level. Advice is always available to members who are looking to improve their ability or their bike!

Sunday Club ride – hosted by Richard, Hugh, Simon, Keith and Nic.

This is the main event of the week. We venture out west to Windsor, Marlow or Henley, south to the Surrey Hills or south east to the Kent Downs. Each level has its own ride leader. Distances are typically between 50 and 70 miles though in the summer months, the higher levels tackle occasional century rides such as Brighton or Oxford. The Steadies sometimes participate in these rides and catch the train back. 

Wednesday 9:20am – Keith’s Midweek Mystery ride for Steadies – hosted by Keith.

This is a 40 mile ride for Steadies typically to either Dorking or Ripley, as revealed by Keith on the day! 

(Summer only) Wednesdays 6:20pm – Meet the Members Laps – hosted by Nic and Marelise.

This event does what it says on the tin! This is your opportunity to dust off your bike and come to the park to meet the ride leaders and some of the members in a very informal setting. It also gives us the opportunity to get an idea of your level and decide what level you’ll be most comfortable riding at. We have 5 levels: Steady, Steady+ Intermediate, Intermediate+ and Advanced. At this event, we split people into groups, each with a ride leader, and do a couple of laps of the park at a pace that everyone is comfortable with, chatting as we go (except on the hills!) and stopping after each lap. The Intermediate+ and Advanced will do some group riding skills practice but for the other levels, it’s more about socialising than training!
After a couple of laps, retire to Colicci’s café for coffee or a local pub.


Thursday 9:20am – Keith’s Midweek Mystery ride for Intermediates – hosted by Keith, Richard and Gemmar.

This is a 45 mile ride typically to either Dorking, Windsor or Ripley, as revealed by Keith on the day! What started off as an unscheduled midweek ride has become a popular event among those with flexible working arrangements.

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